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The very best of Organic Chemical Free Cleaning

Professional: Carpet, Tile, Mattress, Car interior and Upholstery Cleaning

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     Come Join us in our Journey to clean all things without using harsh chemicals. Our clients love this as it is so good for kids and pets. Often we run into persons with respiratory issues and they fall in love with us because everything is so fresh and clean. They breath free and easy when we are done.


We use only organic cleaning solutions  which include: baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, peppermint mineral oil, Orange peel oil, H2o, in our quest for the ultimate in chemical free cleaning.


We meet so many wonderful people who often comment on how they have been looking for a service like what we provide at a reasonable price.

Better cleaning results, safe for your family, and improved carpet life .. Please Join us and Experience Chemical free Cleaning  At its Best 

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Tough on Stains

    Did you Know? If you look at the soil on the carpet fibers as well as on your upholstery or floors through the lens of a microscope you would see what looks to be microscopic pieces of glass as well as other organic matter.

The soil when left for some time tends to sand away the color scheme of the carpet fibers as well as other surfaces. This is why it is so important to have a regular cleaning every six months to a year.

     Let us do the work for you! we Guarantee a Beautiful outcome. CALL /TXT any time. We will respond right away. We can typically get you on the schedule the same week and even at times the same day as your inquiry.

when we finish cleaning the carpet it normally feels dry in 3-4 hours. Its Fabulous because the carpet will feel Soft and Fluffy...& stay clean for a long time. This again is due to not using chemicals when we clean.

We clean the same way with upholstery, Tile Grout, Car interior & Mattresses

We have lots of pics and videos on: Facebook, Instagram, Yelp & Google.

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Mother with her Child

Mae Duran - Mother

Fantastic carpet cleaning experience! Will use him again and again for regular upkeep and also for rentals! He also was a delight to have around even at 5am, which he so graciously did to fit us in at the last minute. All you Mama's out there I wouldn't use anyone else! My 9 month old was all over the carpets crawling, face planting lol, and I was glad to know that, that precious face was in a clean, safe environment.


Joy Osborn - Executive Housekeeper

I am retired as executive housekeeper, from the Sheraton Four Points Hotel, in Fresno. For 30 years. I was responsible for keeping 200 guest rooms, and all of the halls cleaned and shampooed. I have attended many classes, used many different techniques, and chemicals. I now have several rental property's in Springville. I just had micro, of Appollon's carpet cleaning, clean the carpet in one of my rentals. I was simply AMAZED!!!! You can imagine how carpet looks in a rental house with children. I will be happy to recommend him to clean anything you have. His technique is simply the best.

Happy Senior Couple

Shonook & Juanita Matthew - Loving Family

I got to say that i was hesitate about chemical free but having Appollon carpet cleaning service come and do his magic. My husband & I were amazed to see how the process works & believe me ppl it works GREAT. I HIGHLY recommend APPOLLON carpet cleaning to everyone best results ever.

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